Also called "why I believe in god"

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Bacon is good for me!

Bacon is good for me!

Let’s do a puzzle

Let’s do a puzzle

The right people will be your memory bank. The right people will bring out the best in you.

Some people are the wrong people. Do not confuse them with the rare people who are inherently evil or bad. These people are just not for you.

There are the friends you meet for the occasional happy hour, and there are friends with whom you have longstanding Taco Tuesdays. Taco Tuesday means a bottle of wine for each person and peeling back the business-casual mask of the weekday while relaying mortifying tales of performed adulthood to one another. You hit reply all. You cried at your desk. You said “I love you” when you were unprepared or drunk or sober. Any day can be Taco Tuesday. These are the people who fill in your blanks. These are the right people.

Victoria secrets perfume

"It smells like a mix of weed and ass"
“That’s smells like ass to you!?!?”
“Not like bad ass but good ass. Like stripper ass.”
“I’m glad you can differentiate between the quality of asses”

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She tells me you’ll be leaving us soon

As love sleeps safe in memory
And you hold on, hold on